Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all of you who sent in nominations for your wonderful staff members! I appreciate the time and efforts that you put in to recognize these individuals.  Here is a list of those nominated and the winners. Also, Gail Borden Public Library was the winner of the free RF registration this year!

Robert P. Doyle Award

    Kim Anderson     Gail Borden Public Library District
    Chris Clark:          Eisenhower Public Library District
    Aisha Din:            Gail Borden Public Library District
    Gin Gaiser:             Skokie Public Library
    Isabel Huerta        Addison Public Library
    Jason Katsion       Fox River Valley Public Library District
  • Alea Perez               Elmwood Park Public Library:  Robert P. Doyle Award Winner
  • Omar Ramirez         Elmwood Park Public Library
  • Maria Romero          Hodgkins Public Library
  • Jessica Schelick     St. Charles Public Library
  • Deb Wyffels             Geneseo Public Library District


Oberman-Rich Award

    Sarah Alexander         Geneseo Public Library District
    Danielle Henson         Gail Borden Public Library Distric
    Mary Martinic              LaGrange Public Library
    Claudette Ori               Deerfield Public Library

Brian Valesh               Eisenhower Public Library District:   Oberman-Rich Award Winner

  • Kathy Wehrle              Prospect Heights Public Library District


Have a great summer!

Maureen Dunne

Prospect Heights Public Library District

DVD Hub Tags

Do you use hub tags on your DVDs or CDs?  Do your patrons have any concerns about the discs jamming in the players?  We have had a rash of thefts and are considering hub tags for security, but are hesitant over the potential damage.  We no longer lock the DVDs in cases and have no desire to go back to that model.

What does your library do?

Ellen Kaiser

Deerfield Public Library

I have updated the RBP stats through March.


2015 RBP Stats

How many shelf checks do you find on the shelf at your library?

  • What is your circulation?
  • How many shelf checks do you do per month?
  • How many shelf checks do you find per month?

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