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Great meeting today! Thanks for hosting Ellen!

Below are the notes from today’s meeting. You can also find them under the meeting notes tab.

2015-10-30 Meeting Notes

Our July 2015 meeting notes were added to the Meeting Notes page. Please let me know if there needs to be corrections.

Below is the most up-to-date Circ Manager contact list:

2015 Circ Managers Contact List

… I just added some more circ managers’ contact info to the list. ST 10/27/15

… I updated the list again. Unless anyone has objections (please let me know if you do), I will make a tab at the top of our blog where we’ll have the most current information. It will not be in a form version that you have to download each time. The info will just be there to see and I can update it at any time without having to upload the master file from my computer. ST10/30/15

New Patron Packets

Currently we give a packet of information to new patrons when we issue them a library card.  Our packet contains several different pieces such as map, a handout on subscribing to emails, the current library newsletter etc.  We are looking at consolidating it into one handout/pamphlet and I was wondering what every one else provides for their new patrons.  I would love to get sample new patron packets from any of you guys out there.

I will not be at the Deerfield meeting but Sidney Barnes, our Circulation Supervisor, will be and will gladly accept any sample packets you may have to share.

Thanks much!

Barbara Doerries

Circulation Manager, NBK


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