7 Days!

Seven days left to nominate your outstanding staff member for either the Oberman-Rich Award or the Robert P. Doyle Award!

March 31st is the deadline!

Maureen Dunne

Prospect Heights

I believe that most of us are part of the RAILS -Wheeling delivery area. If you are, please note the following from RAILS:

Delivery Outsourcing Update
In January 2014, RAILS contracted with Continental Transportation Solutions (CTS) to outsource delivery and sorting for libraries in the Burr Ridge area. The outsourcing is running smoothly and libraries are very satisfied with the service. The RAILS Board Delivery Committee has asked us to identify the next appropriate service center to outsource. After careful analysis, we plan on recommending that we extend outsourcing to the Wheeling service center beginning no sooner than July 1, 2015. If the committee accepts our recommendation at its March 24 meeting, it will be brought to the full RAILS Board for approval. RAILS will keep members informed of new developments via RAILS E-News and other means.

RFID exploratory

Just a question for you all.  What are the best reasons for going with RFID?  How is it working for you? Especially any smaller libraries who have converted and who may not have a sorter.  Though I would like to hear from all.  What are the reasons for going forward?

Many thanks!

Maureen Dunne

Prospect Heights


Good Morning All,

Here is an easy one. Lost and found clothing articles.  After two months, or whatever time period, what do you do? Clean them and donate? Throw them away? If you do donate them, how do you decide who to donate them to?  How about the old cell phones that seem to be given to little ones to play with as no one EVER comes in for them! I am ready to hear your ideas and stories… How do people leave their keys and get into their houses?! :)

Maureen Dunne

Prospect Heights


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